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This database results in large part from a compilation of information published in Fensome et al. (1993b) and Fensome and Williams (2004). We thank Micropaleontology Press and the American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation for permission to use material from these works. The acknowledgements in the two publications are also valid for DINOFLAJ2, and we refer the user to those publications: however, we would be remiss not to acknowledge here the substantial support and assistance that we’ve had over the years from Martin Head, Jan Jansonius, Judi Lentin, Jim Riding, the late Lew Stover, Max Taylor and John Williams.

For the technical aspects of the database, a number of co-op students have worked on the project since the mid 1990's: thus we are grateful to Matthew Goodarzi, Christopher Davison and Andrew Mathison. For this version, we are much indebted to Patrick Upson for his exceptional insights and commitment to making DINOFLAJ2 a reality. We also thank Phil Spencer, Steve Perry and Phil Moir at the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) for support and advice; and Bev Kouri and Jamie Rupert of Natural Resources Canada of Ottawa for feedback regarding GSC web protocols. This is ESS Contribution number 20070597.

Finally, we thank the authors of a number of software tools for making their efforts freely available for modification and use: MediaWiki, Mediawiki], MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

09/2015: The software now runs on a Linux Mint server that is ultimately based on Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux distributions.