Adnatosphaeridium filiferum

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filiferum (Cookson and Eisenack, 1958, p.46, pl.7, fig.4) Williams and Downie, 1969, p.17.  Holotype: Cookson and Eisenack, 1958, pl.7, fig.4; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.1, figs.1-2.  Originally Cannosphaeropsis utinensis subsp. filifera, subsequently Cannosphaeropsis filifera, thirdly (and now) Adnatosphaeridium filiferum.  This combination was not validly published in Williams and Downie (1966c, p.218), since these authors did not fully reference the basionym.  Age: Campanian-Early Maastrichtian.

Parent: Adnatosphaeridium