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arundum (Eisenack and Cookson, 1960, p.8, pl.3, figs.7-9) Davey, 1979b, p.557.  Emendation: Lucas-Clark, 1984, p.188, as Litosphaeridium arundum.  Holotype: Eisenack and Cookson, 1960, pl.3, fig.7; Helby et al., 1987, figs.29J-K.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium, subsequently Hystrichosphaeridium?, thirdly (and now) Litosphaeridium.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Micrhystridium (as Dapsilidinium?, now Litosphaeridium) fucosum, according to Below (1982c, p.29) - however, Lentin and Williams (1985, p.227) retained Hystrichosphaeridium (as Litosphaeridium) arundum.  Age: Albian.

Parent: Litosphaeridium