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This PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format - ~2Megabytes) document is a "snapshot" of the DINOFLAJ2 database as it currently exists. It is structured in approximately the same form as the Fensome and Williams (2004) Dinoflagellate Index, with genera, subgenera, species, and subspecific taxa listed alphabetically, plus the appendices and references. As the on-line version of DINOFLAJ2 is updated this document will be periodically updated as well.

As for DINOFLAJ2 itself, there are a few differences from the original Dinoflagellate Index. For example, taxonomic changes proposed in Fensome and Williams (2004) have been carried out. Also, sub-generic taxa (i.e. taxa below the rank of genus) have not been indented in the listings. Page numbers are a bit quirky as well. These deficiencies will probably be rectified with time.

Be aware: as with the original Fensome and Williams (2004) Dinoflagellate Index this is a very large document, comprising over 900 pages. A low capacity printer could have difficulty printing such a large document all at once, and it will use much paper. We suggest that if you want to print the document you should use the features of Adobe Reader (or whatever PDF program you use) to select no more than 100 pages for printing at one time.