Deflandrea phosphoritica

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*phosphoritica Eisenack, 1938b, p.187; text-fig.6.  Holotype: Eisenack, 1938b, text-fig.6; Eisenack, 1954b, pl.9, fig.11 (not pl.9, fig.8 as indicated in Eisenack, 1954b, caption to pl.9, fig.8 — p.91).  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Deflandrea granulosa, according to Stover (1974, p.177); Deflandrea menendezii, according to Lentin and Williams (1976, p.42); Deflandrea heterophlycta forma pusulosa, according to Lentin and Williams (1976, p.41).  Age: late Eocene–early Oligocene.

Deflandrea phosphoritica.jpg
Parent: Deflandrea

Infrataxon List: