Xanthidium bulbosum Appendix A

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"bulbosum" Ehrenberg, 1837b, pl.1, fig.17.  Emendation: Morgenroth, 1968, p.546–547, as Hystrichokolpoma bulbosum.  Holotype: Ehrenberg, 1837b, pl.1, fig.17.  Neotype: Morgenroth, 1968, pl.44, fig.6, designated by Morgenroth (1968, p.546).  NOW Hystrichokolpoma bulbosum.  Originally Xanthidium bulbosum, subsequently Hystrichosphaera bulbosa (combination not validly published), thirdly Hystrichosphaeridium bulbosum, fourthly Ovum hispidum subsp. bulbosum (combination not validly published, Appendix A), fifthly (and now) Hystrichokolpoma bulbosum, sixthly Baltisphaeridium bulbosum (combination not validly published, Appendix A).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Xanthidium (as Hystrichosphaeridium) tubiferum, according to Stover and Evitt (1978, p.55) — however, Lentin and Williams (1989, p.134) retained Xanthidium (as Hystrichokolpoma) bulbosum.  This name may not have been validly published in Ehrenberg (1837b) since no description in that publication has been referenced or found.  The validity/authorship of this name may need to be reconsidered as it appears that Ehrenberg (1837b) did not provide a description.  Age: Danian.

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