Polysphaeridium zoharyi subsp. ktana

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subsp. ktana (Rossignol, 1964, p.88, pl.2, figs.6-7,10; pl.3, fig.11) Lentin and Williams, 1981, p.232.  Holotype: Rossignol, 1964, pl.2, fig.7.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium zoharyi var. ktana, subsequently Hemicystodinium zoharyi var. ktana (combination not validly published), thirdly Hemicystodinium zoharyi subsp. ktana, fourthly (and now) Polysphaeridium zoharyi subsp. ktana, fifthly Polysphaeridium subtile subsp. ktanaLentin and Williams (1989, p.300) retained this taxon as a subspecies of Polysphaeridium zoharyi.  Taxonomic junior synonym (at subspecific rank): Hystrichosphaeridium? breviatum, according to Islam (1983b, p.343) - however, Masure and Foucher in Fauconnier and Masure (2004, p.309-310) retained Hystrichosphaeridium? breviatum.  Age: Pleistocene. Parent: Polysphaeridium zoharyi