Actiniscus sirius

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sirius (Ehrenberg, 1841, p.150) Ehrenberg 1844a, p.68.  Holotype: not designated Originally Dictyocha subgenus Actiniscus, subsequently (and now) Actiniscus, thirdly Distephanus (name not validly published; Appendix A), fourthly Gymnaster.  Illustrations of this species were provided by Ehrenberg (1854, pl.18, figs.59–60; and pl.33–XV, fig.1).  For an explanation of earlier treatments of this species in the Lentin and Williams Index, see Fensome and Williams (2004, p.31).  In his synonymy list for this species, Schütt (1891) indicated that the name Distephanus sirius was cited by Haeckel (date not specified).  Dumitrică (1973, p.822) considered Dictyocha (now Actiniscus) pentasterius to be the questionable taxonomic senior synonym of this species. N.I.A.  Age: Miocene.

Parent: Actiniscus