Alterbidinium microverrusum

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microverrusum (Yu Jingxian and Zhang Wangping, 1980, p.109, pl.3, figs.1–2) He Chengquan et al., 2009, p.416.  Holotype: Yu Jingxian and Zhang Wangping, 1980, pl.3, fig.2.  Originally Deflandrea, subsequently Isabelidinium?, thirdly (and now) AlterbidiniumYu Jingxian and Zhang Wangping (1980, p.109) spelled the epithet as "microverrusum" in their text, but as "microverrucosa" in their plate caption.  Previous editions of the "Lentin and Williams Index" and DINOFLAJ2 have cited the epithet as "microverrucosa / microverrucosum", but He Chengquan et al. (2009, p.416) used "microverrusum", which we follow here.  Age: Campanian–early Maastrichtian.

Parent: Alterbidinium