Areoligera tenuicapillata subsp. pinopollina

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subsp. pinopollina (Wetzel, 1933b, p.42–43, pl.4, fig.22 ex Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.86) Lentin and Williams, 1973, p.16.  Holotype: Wetzel, 1933b, pl.4, fig.22.  Originally Hystrichosphaera tenuicapillata forma pinopollina (name not validly published), subsequently Areoligera tenuicapillata forma pinopollina, thirdly (and now) Areoligera tenuicapillata subsp. pinopollinaLejeune-Carpentier (1938a, p.B167) speculated that this taxon might be based on coniferous pollen.  Lentin and Williams (1989, p.26) believed it may be a damaged specimen of Hystrichosphaeridium (now Florentinia?) flosculus.  The name Hystrichosphaera tenuicapillata forma pinopollina was not validly published in Wetzel (1933b), since the species name was not validly published until 1937.  Age: Senonian.

Parent: Areoligera tenuicapillata