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BATIOLADINIUM Brideaux, 1975, p.1241.  Emendation: Pourtoy, 1988, p.390 — however, see Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.82) and Riding and Helby (2001g, p.187).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Imbatodinium, according to Dörhöfer and Davies (1980, p.36) — however, Lentin and Williams (1985, p.35) retained Batioladinium.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Necrobroomea, according to Brideaux (1977, p.10).  With respect to the synonymy of Necrobroomea and Batioladinium, Below (1990, p.52) considered Necrobroomea to be the senior name.  However, Fensome et al. (1993b, p.78) gave the following statement: "Below (1990, p.52) listed Batioladinium Brideaux 1975 as a taxonomic junior synonym of Necrobroomea Wiggins 1975 rather than the reverse, as is customarily the case.  Below stated that '... the genus Necrobroomea Wiggins (publication date 25 April 1975 in Geoscience and Man, volume 11) has priority over Batioladinium Brideaux 1975 (publication date 15 June 1975 in the Canadian Journal of Botany, volume 53(12)!' [translation].  However, Below was clearly unaware that Brideaux (1977, p.10) stated that 'Necrobroomea Wiggins, 1975 appeared in Geoscience and Man, v.11, the date of publication being given as April 25th, 1975.  However, in a letter to the writer, acting editor, Ruth B. Hubert, established that no copies of this volume were available to the public before July 23rd, 1975, and that there was no prior distribution of the volume.' On the basis of this evidence and the observation that the Canadian Journal of Botany v.53, no.12 did appear in June 1975 (W.W. Brideaux, personal communication to R.A.F.), Necrobroomea must be considered junior to Batioladinium if these two taxa are considered congeneric." Type: Alberti, 1961, pl.5, fig.2, as Broomea jaegeri.

Parent: Subfamily Broomeoideae

Species List: