Cervisiella operculata

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operculata (Bramlette and Martini, 1964, p.305–306, pl.5, figs.3–7) Streng et al., 2004, p.467.  Emendation: Streng et al., 2004, p.467, by provision of a "new diagnosis" and a "new description" for Cervisiella operculata.  Holotype: Bramlette and Martini, 1964, pl.5, figs.4–5.  Originally Thoracosphaera, subsequently Obliquipithonella, thirdly Pirumella, fourthly Operculodinella, fifthly (and now) Cervisiella.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Thoracosphaera atlantica, according to Fütterer (1990, p.540).  Age: Maastrichtian–Paleocene.

Parent: Cervisiella