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"CONTRANGULARIA" Wan Chuanbiao and Zhang Ying, 1990, p.11,13–14.  Emendation: Mao Shaozhi et al., 1999, p.154–155.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Vesperopsis, by implication in He Chengquan et al. (2009, p.307).  Originally Contrangularia, subsequently Vesperopsis subgenus Contrangularia (name not validly published).  It appears that He Chengquan et al. (2009, p. 307) intended to change the rank of this taxon from genus to subgenus; however they neither gave a clear indication of the new rank nor provided a basionym citation. Type: Wan Chuanbiao and Zhang Ying, 1990, pl.3, fig.2, as Contrangularia reticulata.

Species List: