Coronifera pedata

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pedata (Wetzel, 1933b, p.55–56, pl.4, fig.35 ex Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.119) Sarjeant, 1985b, p.145–147.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1985b, p.145–146, as Coronifera pedata.  Holotype: Wetzel, 1933b, pl.4, fig.35; Sarjeant, 1985b, pl.4, fig.5.  Originally Hystrichosphaera?, subsequently Spiniferites?, thirdly (and now) Coronifera.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Coronifera oceanica, by implication in Sarjeant (1985b, p.145–147), who believed Hystrichosphaera (as Coronifera) pedata to be the senior name — however, Kirsch (1991, p.71) retained the two species.  The name Hystrichosphaera? pedata was not validly published in Wetzel (1933b) since the generic name Hystrichosphaera was not validly published until 1937.  Age: Late Cretaceous.

Parent: Coronifera

Infrataxon List: