Dictyocha irius Appendix A

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"sirius" Ehrenberg, 1841, p.150.  Holotype: not designated NOW Actiniscus.  Originally Dictyocha subgenus Actiniscus, subsequently (and now) Actiniscus, thirdly Distephanus (name not validly published; Appendix A), fourthly Gymnaster. Illustrations of this species were provided by Ehrenberg (1854, pl.18, figs.59,60; and pl.33 (XV), fig.1.  Dumitrică (1973, p.822) considered Dictyocha (now Actiniscus) pentasterius to be the questionable taxonomic senior synonym of this species.  N.I.A.  Age: Miocene.

Parent: Dictyocha_Appendix A