Hystrichosphaera longispinosa forma pumilis

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"forma pumilis" Wetzel, 1933b, p.44, pl.4, fig.24.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1985b, p.162, as Diacrocanthidium pumile.  Holotype: Wetzel, 1933b, pl.4, fig.24; Sarjeant, 1985b, pl.7, fig.5; designated by Sarjeant (1985b, p.162).  Name not validly published: species name not validly published until 1938.  NOW Diacrocanthidium? pumile (Appendix A).  Originally Hystrichosphaera longispinosa forma pumilis (name not validly published), subsequently Hystrichosphaeridium pumile, thirdly Baltisphaeridium pumile (combination not validly published; Appendix A), fourthly Micrhystridium pumile (Appendix A), fifthly (and now) Diacrocanthidium? pumile (Appendix A).  In proposing this taxon, Wetzel (1933b, p.44) included in synonymy the holotype of the species.  This name was also cited in Wetzel (1932, caption to pl.3, fig.12).  Age: Late Cretaceous (erratic).

Parent: Hystrichosphaera longispinosa