Hystrichosphaeridium recurvatum subsp. polypes

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"subsp. polypes" Cookson and Eisenack, 1962b, p.491–492, pl.4, figs.11–13.  Emendation: Duxbury, 1983, p.49, as Kiokansium polypes.  Holotype: Cookson and Eisenack, 1962b, pl.4, figs.11–13; Fensome et al., 1996, figs.1–3 — p.2283.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium recurvatum subsp. polypes, subsequently Polysphaeridium? polypes (combination not validly published), thirdly Cleistosphaeridium polypes, fourthly Bacchidinium polypes, fifthly Impletosphaeridium polypes, sixthly Kiokansium polypesTaxonomic senior synonym (at specific rank): Hystrichosphaeridium (as and now Kiokansium) unituberculatum, by implication in Duxbury (1983, p.49), who considered Hystrichosphaeridium recurvatum subsp. polypes (as Kiokansium polypes) to be the senior name.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Cleistosphaeridium? solidum, according to Below (1982c, p.16).  Age: Albian–Cenomanian.

Parent: Hystrichosphaeridium recurvatum