Isabelidinium pellucidum

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pellucidum (Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, p.251, pl.4, fig.3) Lentin and Williams, 1977a, p.168.  Holotype: Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, pl.4, fig.3; Cookson and Eisenack, 1958, pl.4, fig.9; Stover, 1974, pl.1, figs.7a–b.  Originally Deflandrea bakeri forma pellucida, subsequently Deflandrea pellucida, thirdly Isabelia pellucida (combination illegitimate), fourthly (and now) Isabelidinium pellucidum, fifthly Alterbia pellucida (combination illegitimate).  Lentin and Williams (1985, p.201) retained this species in Isabelidinium.  Age: Paleocene–early Eocene.

Parent: Isabelidinium