Membranilarnacia liradiscoides

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"?liradiscoides" (Wetzel, 1933b, p.52–53, pl.6, figs.3a–b) Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.129.  Emendation: Marheinecke, 1992, p.116, as Membranilarnax liradiscoides.  Holotype: not designated.  Lectotype: Wetzel, 1933b, pl.6, fig.3a (specimen to right), designated by Lentin and Williams (1989, p.239).  NOW Membranilarnax.  Originally (and now) Membranilarnax, subsequently Membranilarnacia, thirdly Membranilarnacia?.  Questionable assignment: Stover and Evitt (1978, p.64) as a problematic species.  Age: Late Cretaceous.

Parent: Membranilarnacia