Membranilarnax pterospermoides

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*pterospermoides Wetzel, 1933b, p.52, pl.6, figs.1–2.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1985b, p.152, as Membranilarnax pterospermoides.  Holotype: Wetzel, 1933b, pl.6, fig.2 (not fig.1); Sarjeant, 1985b, pl.6, figs.3–4; Fensome et al., 1995, fig.1 — p.1715.  Originally (and now) Membranilarnax, subsequently Membranilarnacia? (combination illegitimate).  Wetzel (1933b, p.52) gave the citation for the holotype as his pl.6, fig.1.  However, Sarjeant in Lentin and Williams (1989, p.240) noted that the preparation number for the holotype given in the text, the preparation number for pl.6, fig.2 and the preparation marked "holotype: Membranilarnax pterospermoides" are all the same.  Age: Late Cretaceous.

Parent: Membranilarnax