Nyktericysta subgenus Hailaera

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NYKTERICYSTA subgenus HAILAERA Wan Chuanbiao and Zhang Ying, 1990, p.9–10,13.  Emendation: Mao Shaozhi et al., 1999, p.154.  Wan Chuanbiao and Zhang Ying (1990, p.9–10,13) included the following species in this subgenus: Nyktericysta aspera, Nyktericysta hailaerensis and Nyktericysta nebulosa.  This subgenus was also used by He Chengquan et al. (2009, p.297–298).  Type: Wan Chuanbiao and Zhang Ying, 1990, pl.2, fig.6, as Nyktericysta (Hailaera) hailaerensis.