Nyktericysta subgenus Nyktericysta

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NYKTERICYSTA subgenus NYKTERICYSTA.  Autonym.  Emendation: Mao Shaozhi et al., 1999, p.152.  Wan Chuanbiao and Zhang Ying (1990, p.7,13) included the following species in this subgenus: Nyktericysta arachnion, Nyktericysta davisii, Nyktericysta pentagonum and Nyktericysta reticulataMao Shaozhi et al. (1999, p.152) additionally included Nyktericysta puyangensis.  This subgenus was also used by He Chengquan et al. (2009, p.299–301).  Type: Bint, 1986, pl.4, figs.1–2,5–6; text-figs.3A–B, as Nyktericysta davisii.