Parabohaidina subgenus Conicoidium

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"PARABOHAIDINA subgenus CONICOIDIUM" (Jiabo, 1978, p.45–46) He Chengquan et al., 2009, p.465.  Combination not validly published: no clear indication of rank.  We assume that the rank of subgenus was implied by He Chengquan et al. (2009) and so treat it as such here; but in doing so do not intend to validate the name.  He Chengquan et al. (2009, p.465–466) included the following species in this subgenus: Parabohaidina granorugosa, Parabohaidina granulata (He Chengquan) He Chengquan et al. (combination illegitimate), Parabohaidina laevigata (Jiabo) He Chengquan et al. (combination illegitimate) and Parabohaidina tuberculata (Jiabo) He Chengquan et al. (combination illegitimate). Type: Jiabo, 1978, pl.18, fig.7, as Conicoidium tuberculatum.