Rhombodinium draco forma freienwaldense

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"forma freienwaldense" Gocht, 1955, p.87; text-figs.2a–b.  Holotype: Gocht, 1955, text-fig.2b.  NOW Rhombodinium? freienwaldense.  Originally Rhombodinium draco forma freienwaldense, subsequently Rhombodinium draco subsp. freienwaldense, thirdly (and now) Rhombodinium? freienwaldense.  Taxonomic senior synonym (at specific rank): Rhombodinium rotundatum, by implication in Costa and Downie (1979, p.44), who believed Rhombodinium freienwaldense to be the senior name — however, Grabowska in Malinowskiej and Piwockiego (1996, p.343) retained Rhombodinium draco forma freienwaldense (as Rhombodinium freienwaldense).  Age: middle Oligocene.

Parent: Rhombodinium draco