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SPINIFERITES Mantell, 1850, p.191.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1970, p.75.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Hafniasphaera, according to Stover and Williams (1987, p.117) — however, Edwards (1996, p.989) retained Hafniasphaera; Hystrichosphaera, according to Sarjeant (1970, p.75); Hystrichokibotium, by implication in Gocht (1969, p.32), who considered Hystrichokibotium to be a taxonomic junior synonym of Hystrichosphaera; Rivernookia, according to Stover and Williams (1987, p.195) — however, Rivernookia is now considered a taxonomic junior synonym of Hafniasphaera; Achomosphaera, according to Duxbury (1983, p.54–55) — however, Lentin and Williams (1989, p.3) retained Achomosphaera; Pseudospiniferites, by implication in Schiøler (2005, p.30), who transferred the type, Pseudospiniferites manumii, to SpiniferitesLoeblich Jr. and Loeblich III (1966, p.56–57) designated Spiniferites ramosus as the "type species" of SpiniferitesFensome et al. (1993b, p.93) considered Spiniferites to be the possible taxonomic senior synonym of Gonyaulax.  I.C.N. Article 11.7 now stipulates that names based on extant types take priority over names based on fossil types, so if the two genera are considered synonymous, Gonyaulax should now have priority.  However, I.C.N. Article 11.1 makes allowance for dual taxonomy for fossils (see Introduction).  Type: Ehrenberg, 1837b, pl.1, fig.15, as Xanthidium ramosum — lectotype designated by Davey and Williams (1966a, p.32).

Parent: Subfamily Gonyaulacoideae

Species List:

Spiniferites adnatus
Spiniferites alaskensis
Spiniferites alatus
Spiniferites aliger
Spiniferites ancorifer
"Spiniferites andalousiensis"
Spiniferites antistatus
"Spiniferites aquilonius"
Spiniferites aracajuensis
Spiniferites asperulus
Spiniferites assamicus
"Spiniferites balcanicus"
Spiniferites bejui
Spiniferites belerius
Spiniferites bentorii
Spiniferites binxianensis
"Spiniferites buccina"
Spiniferites bullatus
Spiniferites bulloideus
"Spiniferites cambrus"
"Spiniferites ceratioides"
Spiniferites chebca
Spiniferites choanus
"Spiniferites cingulatus"
Spiniferites compactus
Spiniferites confossus
Spiniferites coniconcavus
Spiniferites cooksoniae
Spiniferites corniger
"Spiniferites cornutus"
"Spiniferites crassimuratus"
"Spiniferites crassipellis"
Spiniferites crassivariabilis
Spiniferites cristatus
Spiniferites cruciformis
"Spiniferites cryptovesiculatus"
Spiniferites delicatus
Spiniferites dentatus
Spiniferites ellipsoideus
Spiniferites elongatus
Spiniferites falcipedius
Spiniferites fenestratus
Spiniferites firmus
"Spiniferites fluens"
Spiniferites formosus
Spiniferites foveolatus
Spiniferites fragilis
Spiniferites frigidus
"Spiniferites furcatus"
Spiniferites galeaformis
"Spiniferites goodmanii"
Spiniferites gracilimembranaceus
"Spiniferites graciosus"
"Spiniferites grallaeformis"
"Spiniferites granulatus Cookson and Eisenack 1974"
Spiniferites granulatus Davey 1969b
Spiniferites hainanensis
"Spiniferites heterostylus"
Spiniferites hexatypicus
"Spiniferites hirundo"
"Spiniferites hyalospinosus"
Spiniferites hyperacanthus
"Spiniferites inaequalis"
Spiniferites incertus
Spiniferites jarvisii
Spiniferites katatonos
Spiniferites lazus
Spiniferites lenzii
"Spiniferites leptodermus"
Spiniferites ludhamensis
Spiniferites magnoserratus
Spiniferites maisensis
"Spiniferites makropterus"
Spiniferites manumii
Spiniferites maranhensis
Spiniferites membranaceus
"Spiniferites membranispinus"
"Spiniferites membranosus"
Spiniferites microceras
Spiniferites mirabilis
Spiniferites monilis
"Spiniferites multibrevis"
Spiniferites multisphaerus
Spiniferites multispinulus
"Spiniferites nanus"
"Spiniferites neptuni"
Spiniferites nodosus
Spiniferites nortonensis
"Spiniferites ovatus Bujak 1984"
Spiniferites ovatus Matsuoka 1983b
Spiniferites pachydermus
Spiniferites pacificus
"Spiniferites palliatus"
"Spiniferites palmatus"
Spiniferites paradoxus
Spiniferites paucifurcatus
"Spiniferites pedatus"
Spiniferites perforatus
"Spiniferites perpusillus"
Spiniferites polyplasius
Spiniferites porosus
Spiniferites primaevus
Spiniferites procerus
Spiniferites pseudofurcatus
"Spiniferites pterotus"
Spiniferites puyangensis
*Spiniferites ramosus
"Spiniferites ramuliferus"
Spiniferites reductus
Spiniferites reginaldii
Spiniferites rhizophorus
Spiniferites ristingensis
Spiniferites rubinus
"Spiniferites sagittarius"
"Spiniferites sarmaticus"
Spiniferites scabratus
Spiniferites scabrosus
Spiniferites scalenus
Spiniferites seghiris
"Spiniferites septatus"
Spiniferites septentrionalis
Spiniferites serratus
Spiniferites setosus
"Spiniferites solidago"
Spiniferites speciosus
Spiniferites speetonensis
Spiniferites spinatus
Spiniferites splendidus
Spiniferites spongiophragmatus
Spiniferites spongiosus
Spiniferites spumeus
Spiniferites strictus
Spiniferites supparus
"Spiniferites szarmaticus"
Spiniferites tengelicensis
Spiniferites terminus
"Spiniferites tertiarius"
Spiniferites tianshanensis
Spiniferites tihanyensis
Spiniferites trabeculiferus
Spiniferites tripodes
Spiniferites tripus
Spiniferites twistringiensis
Spiniferites validus
Spiniferites variabilis
Spiniferites varmae
"Spiniferites velatus"
Spiniferites virgulaeformis
"Spiniferites wetzelii"