Suborder Goniodomineae diagnosis

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Suborder Goniodomineae

Citation: Goniodomineae Fensome et al. 1993b.

Diagnosis:Gonyaulacaleans with a tabulation which accords with, or derives from, a pattern in which there are two or three fundital plates - always the posterior intercalary homologue (*1p) and the first antapical homologue (*1\'\'\'\'), and sometimes also the posterior sulcal homologue (*ps). The first antapical homologue (*1\'\'\'\') is the dorsalmost of the fundital plates, is five-sided ( quinqueform) and does not contact the distalmost postcingular plate(s) - i.e. the sixth postcingular homologue (*6\'\'\') - and, when it is outside the sulcus, the right sulcal homologue (*rs). There are typically five or fewer climactal plates. Secondary plate overgrowth occurs only at overlapping plate margins.