Tubotuberella rhombiformis

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*rhombiformis Vozzhennikova, 1967, p.180, pl.101, figs.1a–b,2a–b; pl.102, figs.1,2a–b,3a–b; pl.104, figs.1–3.  Emendation: Brideaux, 1977, p.36.  Holotype: Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.101, figs.2a–b; pl.104, fig.2, lost according to Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.117–118).  Lectotype: Lentin and Vozzhennikova, 1990, pl.14, figs.1–2; text-fig.68, designated by Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.117).  Contrary to the statements of Stover and Evitt (1978, p.197), Vozzhennikova (1967, p.180) cited only one specimen for the holotype.  Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.117) provided an "expanded description" for this species.  Age: Late Jurassic.

Parent: Tubotuberella