Turnhosphaera hypoflata

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*hypoflata (Yun Hyesu, 1981, p.70, pl.9, figs.1–3) Slimani, 1994, p.65.  Emendation: Slimani, 1994, p.66, as Turnhosphaera hypoflata.  Holotype: Yun Hyesu, 1981, pl.9, fig.1; Fensome et al., 1991, fig.1 — p.651.  Originally Disphaeria, subsequently (and now) Turnhosphaera.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Nelsoniella glomerosa (name not validly published), according to Slimani (2001a, p.194); Invertocysta flandriensis, according to Slimani and Louwye (2012, p.110,114).  Age: early Santonian.

Parent: Turnhosphaera