Vesperopsis digitata

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digitata (Duxbury, 1983, p.35–36, pl.3, fig.15; text-fig.15) Bint, 1986, p.156.  Holotype: Duxbury, 1983, pl.3, fig.15; text-fig.15.  Originally Muderongia?, subsequently Australisphaera, thirdly (and now) Vesperopsis, fourthly Vesperopsis?.  Questionable assignment: Lentin and Williams (1989, p.381), who stated incorrectly that Bint (1986, p.156) questionably included this species in Vesperopsis — however, Lentin and Williams (1993, p.665) included the species in Vesperopsis without question.  Bint (1986, p.156) suggested that Australisphaera (as and now Vesperopsis) dolabella is a possible taxonomic synonym of this species.  Age: late Aptian.

Parent: Vesperopsis