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VOTADINIUM Reid, 1977, p.444.  Originally (and now) Votadinium, subsequently Protoperidinium subgenus Protoperidinium section Votadinium (combination not validly published).  Contrary to the opinion of Lentin and Williams (1993, p.666), we consider this name not to be illegitimate.  I.C.N. Article 52.1 states that a name is illegitimate if it was nomenclaturally superfluous when published — i.e. if the taxon to which the name was applied definitely included the type of another name.  However, Article 52.2 indicates that this rule does not apply if "... the type is at the same time excluded either explicitly or by implication." We have invoked this last clause to retain the species name Votadinium calvum (and in consequence the generic name Votadinium).  Lentin and Williams (1993) considered the name Votadinium calvum to be an illegitimate superfluous name (in the sense of Article 52.1), since in proposing the species as new, Reid (1977) considered it to represent the encysted stage of Protoperidinium oblongum; strict application of Article 52.1 thus prescribes that Votadinium calvum is a nomenclatural junior synonym of Protoperidinium oblongum.  However, a duality of nomenclature ("cyst taxa" and "motile taxa") is acceptable practice for dinoflagellates, and is condoned by Article 11.1.  Since Reid (1977) clearly viewed the two names Votadinium calvum and Protoperidinium oblongum as representing distinct entities, one based on cysts, the other on the motile stage, and since he clearly did not propose the name Votadinium calvum to replace Protoperidinium oblongum, we invoke Article 52.2 to retain the former name as an acceptable option from both the nomenclatural and taxonomic viewpoints.  Type: Reid, 1977, pl.2, fig.21, as Votadinium calvum.

Parent: Subfamily Protoperidinioideae

Species List: