Vozzhennikovia extensa

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"?extensa" (Stover, 1974, p.178–179, pl.5, figs.4a–c,5a–d,6) Lentin and Williams, 1976, p.67.  Holotype: Stover, 1974, pl.5, figs.4a–c; Fensome et al., 1993a, figs.1–3 — p.1167.  NOW Gippslandia.  Originally Deflandrea, subsequently Vozzhennikovia?, thirdly Dioxya?, fourthly Lentinia, fifthly (and now) Gippslandia.  Questionable assignment: Lentin and Williams (1976, p.67).  Age: middle-late Eocene.

Parent: Vozzhennikovia