Wetzeliella articulata subsp. magnifica

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"subsp. magnifica" (Iakovleva and Kulkova, 2001, p.18, pl.6, figs.3–4; text-fig.11) Fensome and Williams, 2004, p.686.  Holotype Iakovleva and Kulkova, 2001, pl.6, figs.3–4; text-fig.11.  NOW Dracodinium magnificum.  Originally Wetzeliella coronata subsp. magnifica, subsequently Wetzeliella articulata subsp. magnifica, thirdly (and now) Dracodinium magnificum. The combination Wetzeliella articulata subsp. magnifica was proposed by Fensome and Williams (2004, p.686), since Wetzeliella coronata was then considered a taxonomic junior synonym of Wetzeliella articulata, however, Iakovleva and Heilmann-Clausen (2010, p. 211,226) retained Rhombodinium (as Wetzeliella) coronatum.  Age: Ypresian.

Parent: Wetzeliella articulata