Wetzeliella subgenus Apectodinium

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"WETZELIELLA subgenus APECTODINIUM" Costa and Downie, 1976, p.608.  NOW Apectodinium.  Originally Wetzeliella subgenus Apectodinium, subsequently (and now) ApectodiniumCosta and Downie (1976, p.608–609) assigned the following species to this subgenus: Wetzeliella homomorpha, Wetzeliella hyperacantha, Wetzeliella parva and Wetzeliella paniculataHarland (1979c, p.63,66–67) assigned the following species to the subgenus: Wetzeliella augusta, Wetzeliella quinquelata and Wetzeliella sumissa.  Entries for these species are included under the genus Wetzeliella.  Type: Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, pl.5, fig.7; text-fig.19, as Wetzeliella homomorpha.