Acanthaulax areolata

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"areolata" (Sarjeant, 1961a, p.95-96, pl.13, fig.13; text-fig.5) Riley and Fenton, 1982, p.199.  Holotype: Sarjeant, 1961a, pl.13, fig.13; text-fig.5; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.3, figs.1-2.  Combination illegitimate - nomenclatural senior synonym: Gonyaulacysta scarburghensisNOW Trichodinium scarburghense.  Originally Gonyaulax areolata (name illegitimate; Appendix B), subsequently Gonyaulacysta scarburghensis, thirdly Gonyaulacysta areolata (combination illegitimate), fourthly Acanthaulax areolata (combination illegitimate), fifthly Acanthaulax scarburghensis, sixthly Liesbergia scarburghensis, seventhly (and now) Trichodinium scarburghense.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Acanthaulax senta, according to Berger (1986, p.343). This combination was not validly published in Riley and Fenton (1980, p.340), since these authors did not reference the basionym.  Age: Late Callovian-Early Oxfordian.

Parent: Acanthaulax