Acanthodiacrodium tuberatum Appendix A

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tuberatum (Downie, 1958, p.338, pl.17, fig.3; text-fig.3f) Martin, 1972, p.36.  Holotype: Downie, 1958, pl.17, fig.3.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium, subsequently Baltisphaeridium (Appendix A), thirdly (and now) Acanthodiacrodium, fourthly Vulcanisphaera (Appendix A), fifthly Goniosphaeridium (Appendix A).  W.A.S.Sarjeant (personal communication) has suggested that this species be retained in Acanthodiacrodium, pending re-examination of the type.  Age: Early Ordovician.

Parent: Acanthodiacrodium