Achomosphaera andalousiensis

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andalousiensis Jan du Chêne, 1977, p.112, pl.1, figs.1-4.  Emendation: Jan du Chêne and Londeix, 1988, p.239, as Achomosphaera andalousiensis.  Holotype: Jan du Chêne, 1977, pl.1, fig.1, lost according to Jan du Chêne and Londeix (1988, p.237).  Lectotype: Jan du Chêne and Londeix, 1988, pl.1, figs.1-3, designated by Jan du Chêne and Londeix (1988, p.244).  Originally (and now) Achomosphaera, subsequently SpiniferitesHead (1997, p.169) retained this species in Achomosphaera.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Spiniferites septentrionalis, according to Harland (1983, p.103-104); Spiniferites aquilonius, according to Strauss in Strauss and Lund (1992, p.169).  The synonymy of Achomosphaera andalousiensis and Spiniferites septentrionalis was questioned in Head and Wrenn (1992, p.2).  Age: Miocene (Andalusian).

Parent: Achomosphaera

Infrataxon List: