Achomosphaera crassipellis

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crassipellis (Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, p.265, pl.6, figs.2-3; text-fig.20) Stover and Evitt, 1978, p.138.  Holotype: Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, pl.6, figs.2-3.  Originally Hystrichosphaera, subsequently Spiniferites, thirdly (and now) Achomosphaera.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Achomosphaera recurvata and Hystrichosphaera (subsequently Spiniferites) membranosa, according to Quattrocchio and Sarjeant (1996, p.116).  May (1980, p.64) considered Achomosphaera sagena to be a possible taxonomic junior synonym of this species.  Age: Early Eocene.

Achomosphaera crassipellis.jpg

Parent: Achomosphaera