Achomosphaera hyperacantha

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"hyperacantha" (Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, p.264-265, pl.6, fig.7) Davey and Williams, 1969, p.4.  Holotype: Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, pl.6, fig.7.  NOW Spiniferites.  Originally Hystrichosphaera, subsequently Achomosphaera, thirdly (and now) Spiniferites.  Taxonomic junior synonym (at specific rank): Hystrichosphaera furcata var. multiplicata, according to Matsuoka (1985a, p.35).  Motile equivalent: Gonyaulax spinifera complex, according to Matsuoka et al. (1989, p.94).  Age: Miocene.

Parent: Achomosphaera