Achomosphaera neptuni

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neptuni (Eisenack, 1958a, p.399, pl.26, figs.7-8; text-fig.8) Davey and Williams, 1966a, p.51-52.  Emendations: Duxbury, 1983, p.55, as Spiniferites neptuni; Sarjeant, 1985a, p.89-90,92, as Florentinia? neptuni.  Holotype: Eisenack, 1958a, pl.26. fig.7.  Originally Baltisphaeridium (Appendix A), subsequently (and now) Achomosphaera, thirdly Achomosphaera?, fourthly Spiniferites, fifthly Florentinia?.  Questionable assignment: Stover and Evitt (1978, p.139) - however, Lister and Batten (1988b, p.31-32) retained this species in Achomosphaera without question.  Since the epithet is based on a given name, it ends in "i" rather than "ii" (I.C.B.N. Recommendation 60C.2).  Age: Early Cretaceous.

Parent: Achomosphaera