Agerasphaera margarita

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"margarita" Harland, 1979a, p.29,31,33, pl.1, figs.1-12; pl.2, figs.1-10.  Holotype: Harland, 1979a, pl.1, figs.5-6; pl.2, figs.5-6; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.2, fig.1.  NOW Eisenackia.  Originally Agerasphaera, subsequently Alisocysta, thirdly (and now) Eisenackia.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Alisocysta rugolirata, according to Damassa and Harland in Lentin and Williams (1989, p.10).  Following I.C.B.N. Article 55.1, the species name Agerasphaera margarita is validly published even though the generic name Agerasphaera is illegitimate.  Age: Late Paleocene.

Parent: Agerasphaera