Aiora perforata

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"*perforata" Davey, 1978, p.892.  Holotype: Cookson and Eisenack, 1960a, pl.2, fig.17 (as Aiora fenestrata); Fensome et al., 1996, fig.1 - p.2267; designated by Davey (1978, p.892).  NOW Balteocysta.  Originally Aiora, subsequently (and now) Balteocysta.  Nomenclatural junior synonym: Balteocysta rotula, which has the same holotype.  Following I.C.B.N. Article 55.1, the species name Aiora perforata is validly published even though the generic name Aiora Davey is illegitimate.  Age: Turonian.

Parent: Aiora_Davey 1978_Davey 1978