Aldorfia aldorfensis

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*aldorfensis (Gocht, 1970b, p.136-138, pl.30, figs.1-2,3a-d; pl.31, figs.9a-b,10a-c,11; pl.32, figs.1-2,3a-b; text-figs.5,9a-b) Stover and Evitt, 1978, p.140.  Holotype: Gocht, 1970b, pl.31, figs.10a-c; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.6, figs.1-3; Fensome et al., 1993a, figs.1-3 - p.897.  Originally Gonyaulacysta, subsequently (and now) AldorfiaJan du Chêne et al. (1986a, p.35) considered Scriniodinium galeritum subsp. reticulatum to be a possible taxonomic synonym of this species.  Age: Early Bathonian.

Parent: Aldorfia