Algidasphaeridium minutum

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"?minutum" (Harland and Reid in Harland et al., 1980, p.216,218, figs.2M-O) Matsuoka and Bujak, 1988, p.36.  Holotype: Harland et al., 1980, fig.2O.  NOW Islandinium.  Originally Multispinula, subsequently Multispinula?, thirdly Algidasphaeridium?, fourthly (and now) Islandinium.  Questionable assignment: Matsuoka and Bujak (1988, p.36).  Taxonomic junior synonym: Cantiacidinium conicum (name not validly published), according to Head et al. (2001, p.629).  Age: Holocene.

Parent: Algidasphaeridium

Infrataxon List: