Alisocysta brevivallata

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"brevivallata" Harker and Sarjeant in Harker et al., 1990, p.97-98, pl.5, figs.5,9-17; text-figs.20a-b ex Harker and Sarjeant, 1991, p.708.  Holotype: Harker et al., 1990, pl.5, figs.11-12; text-figs.20a-b.  NOW Eisenackia.  Originally Alisocysta, subsequently (and now) Eisenackia.  This name was not validly published in Harker et al. (1990), since the lodgment of the holotype was not cited (I.C.B.N. Article 37.5).  Age: Late Campanian.

Parent: Alisocysta