Alterbia acribes

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"?acribes" (Davey and Verdier, 1971, p.38-39, pl.2, figs.10,12) Lentin and Williams, 1976, p.48.  Emendation: Goodman and Evitt, 1981, p.48,50,52-53, as Angustidinium acribes.  Holotype: Davey and Verdier, 1971, pl.2, fig.10; Fensome et al., 1993a, fig.1 - p.875.  Combination illegitimate: the generic name Alterbia is illegitimate.  NOW Angustidinium.  Originally Deflandrea, subsequently Alterbia (combination illegitimate), thirdly Alterbia? (combination illegitimate), fourthly (and now) Angustidinium, fifthly Moesiodinium.  Questionable assignment: Stover and Evitt (1978, p.93) as a problematic species.  Age: Early Albian.

Parent: Alterbia