Alterbia acutula

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"+acutula" (Wilson, 1967b, p.225-226, figs.11-12) Lentin and Williams, 1976, p.48.  Emendation: Khowaja-Ateequzzaman et al., 1991, p.41-42, as Alterbidinium acutulum.  Holotype: Wilson, 1967b, fig.12.  Combination illegitimate: the generic name Alterbia is illegitimate.  NOW Alterbidinium.  Originally Deflandrea, subsequently Alterbia (combination illegitimate), thirdly (and now) Alterbidinium.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Albertia curvicornis and Albertia (subsequently Alterbia) recticornis, both according to Whitney (1979, p.125).  The nomenclatural type of the genus Alterbia remains the holotype of Alterbia recticornis.  Age: ?Maastrichtian (see Wilson, 1972).

Parent: Alterbia