Archaeohystrichosphaeridium setigerfurcatum Appendix A

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"setigerfurcatum" (Timofeev, 1959, p.52-53, pl.4, fig.6) Combaz and Peniguel, 1972, p.133.  Holotype: Timofeev, 1959, pl.4, fig.6.  Combination not validly published: generic name not validly published until 1976 and basionym not fully referenced.  NOW Baltisphaeridium (Appendix A).  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium, subsequently (and now) Baltisphaeridium (Appendix A), thirdly Archaeohystrichosphaeridium (combination not validly published).  Age: Early Ordovician.

Parent: Archaeohystrichosphaeridium