Baltisphaeridium baciferum Appendix A

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"baciferum" (Eisenack, 1934, p.66, pl.4, figs.20-21) Cramer and Diez, 1979, p.44.  Holotype: Eisenack, 1934, pl.4, fig.20, lost according to Eisenack (1962, p.356).  Neotype: Eisenack, 1962, pl.44, fig.3, designated by Eisenack (1962, p.356).  Combination not validly published: basionym not fully referenced.  NOW Bacisphaeridium (Appendix A).  Originally Bion (Appendix A), subsequently Hystrichosphaeridium, thirdly Veryhachium (combination not validly published, Appendix A), fourthly (and now) Bacisphaeridium (Appendix A), fifthly Baltisphaeridium (combination not validly published).  Cramer and Diez (1979) apparently did not intend to propose this as a new combination.  Age: Late Ordovician.

Parent: Baltisphaeridium