Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. castaneoides Appendix A

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subsp. castaneoides (Sannemann, 1955, p.326, pl.4, figs.13-14; text-fig.3) Fensome et al., 1990, p.87.  Holotype: Sannemann, 1955, pl.4, fig.13.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. castaneoides, subsequently (and now) Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. castaneoidesKjellström (1971a, p.18) listed this subspecies questionably in his synonymy for Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum.  This combination was not validly published in Downie and Sarjeant (1963, p.90), since these authors did not fully reference the basionym, nor was it validly published in Eisenack et al. (1973, p.81), since these authors did not give a clear indication of taxonomic rank.  See discussion under Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. callosum.  Age: Devonian (Late Givetian). Parent: Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum