Baltisphaeridium lobospinosum Appendix A

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"lobospinosum" (Gocht, 1960, p.222-223,226-227, pl.17, figs.1-16; text-figs.1-15) Downie and Sarjeant, 1963, p.91.  Holotype: Gocht, 1960, pl.17, fig.1; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.13, figs.3-4.  Combination not validly published: basionym not fully referenced.  NOW Chiropteridium.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium (name not validly published), subsequently (and now) Chiropteridium, thirdly Baltisphaeridium (combination not validly published).  Age: mid Oligocene.

Parent: Baltisphaeridium